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A new podcast about weddings, marriage, and all the social and political baggage that comes with them. Let’s chat about things like name change, emotional labor, bridecentrism, body image, LGBTQ+ representation & inclusivity… You know… all the shit you have been thinking and really needs to be said.

Who is hosting?

Me! Erica Greenwold Reisen. Feminist rabble rouser, wedding planner, writer, etc… This will be my first time hosting a podcast all on my own, but in the past I have guested on The Bridechilla Podcast & The Avowed Podcast (both of which you should also check out!).

Is this about wedding planning?

Eh… kinda but not really. It certainly will be helpful to folks planning their weddings, but it is not meant to be a “how-to” or tips podcast.

Can I be a guest?

Are you a bad-ass, equality minded person with lots of feelings about the smashing the patriarchy and challenging traditions, but are also planning a wedding or are a wedding industry professional? If so, get in touch!